Home for the Pawlidays - Pet Path

PawKerchiefs & More is partnering with PetPath to help every pup get a home for the pawlidays! Below are some of the available pups at Pet Path in Sweetwater, TN. Check out their petfinder to see more available cuties. Also, during the holiday season, each person that donates at least $25 to PetPath will receive a free bandana of their choice! Just email your donation confirmation to pawkerchiefs@gmail.com


Age: 2 yrs old

Breed: Yellow lab mix

Size: About 45 lbs

Roscoe is a very sweet boy once given time to know you are one of his people! He is a timid guy who needs a strong leader who won't baby him and will help build his confidence. He needs a home where his family understands that their guests should not acknowledge him or try to pet him immediately. No children for this guy as he would rather be his pawrents main focus! Once he is comfortable, he’s an absolute couch tater. He’s good with other dogs with a good introduction.

House trained, Heartworm negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered


Age: 2 yrs 

Breed: Boxer/heeler mix 

Size: About 45 lbs

Trish is a moderate energy gal who is super sweet! She has a shy demeanor when first meeting you but warms up to her human quickly. Trish tends to like to protect from that scary couch by chewing it up when her people aren’t home so she must be crated when you are not home. She just wants to be with her people and to be loved! 

House trained, crate trained, heartworm negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed


Age: 9 months

Breed: Husky/Lab mix 

Size: About 45 lbs

Shy and timid at first and when meeting new people but warms up quickly. Scarlett is a high energy gal who would be a great walking, jogging, and hiking partner! She’s looking for a pawrent who is very active! She would prefer a home without children as she is very nervous around them due to their voices and sudden movements. She is great with other dogs. 

House trained, potty trained, heartworm negative, fully vaccinated, Microchipped, Spayed


Age: 3 yrs old

Breed: Akita mix

Size: About 65 lbs

Penny is a high energy gal with a tad bit of anxiety, but a sweet spirit! She’s a busy bee and is not content wasting the day away on the couch. She loves to play fetch. Penny needs a strong willed family who will be the boss and put her in her place. She is very sweet once she calms down after she can run off lots of energy! Too bad it can’t be bottled to sell for us! 

Crate trained, potty trained, heart worm negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed


Age: 3 yrs old

Breed: Chiweenie

Size: About 12 lbs

Just like his name, Nutella is a sweetie pie but will take a bit to warm up to you. He has moderate energy and loves to play catch when its time to go to bed- not with a ball… but with you trying to catch him to go to bed! He loves to nap with his people on the couch. 

Nutella is house trained, potty trained, crate trained, fully vaccinated, heart worm negative, microchipped, and neutered. 


Age: 8 months

Breed: Border aussie

Size: About 25 lbs

Dundee is a genius! He is very sweet and submissive. He’s great with other dogs. Dundee can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly with some belly rub encouragement! He is pretty calm for a young pup but does have the occasional zoomie outburst! He’s minds his manners inside and just wants lots of love and attention! Dundee is crate trained, potty trained, heart worm negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. 


Age: 6.5 yrs old

Breed: Mountain cur mix

Size: About 55 lbs

This lady puts the S in Sweet. She wants to be with you all the time and loves to love you (and fetch!). Sandie has a mild energy level a a bit of anxiety. A good crate is recommended for her when you are not at home. She is not one who will enjoy being left outside for long periods of time as she will try to escape to find her people. She just wants to be with you and to be reassured everything is ok with you in her life! Sandie gets along with most dogs but can be dominant. She will need a strong willed family that can correct unwanted behaviors such as jumping for attention. Sandie is house trained, potty trained, heart worm negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed.